From Innovation to Pack

Senzani was first established in Italy in 1953, when they developed a prototype of an automatic machine for pasta. Now, the third generation of this family-owned business develops innovative technology for the production of automatic primary and secondary packaging machines, complete lines, and end-of-line solutions for the global market.

Senzani offers automatic machines for the forming and sealing of cartons from flat blanks. These are generally top-loading cartoners.

The company also offers shelf-ready packaging lines for conditioning already packed products (secondary packaging). These automatic machines are specifically designed to form, fill and seal trays, trays, and lids, displays, and display boxes and are available in two different models: form-and-fill and wrap-around.

Senzani manufactures advanced packaging systems such as side-load, top-load, and wrap-around case packers to insert products into American cases processing flat or pre-glued blanks.

As well as customised solutions, there are also end-of-line machines and palletizers, handling box pallets and demi-pallets.

Senzani close up
Senzani machinery

Packing and palletising solutions

Senzani provide packing solutions for a wide range of products

  • Aluminum cans and tin cans
  • Cartons and bags
  • Capsules, cubes, and tubes
  • Flowpacks
  • Plastics bottles
  • Pouches and stick packs
  • Rigid containers