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How do you know which case packing machine your facility needs? It’s not usually a like-for-like comparison when comparing end-of-line units from different manufacturers. We’ll start by looking at the process and you’ll see all of the elements that can make this process bespoke to your manufacturing needs.

Case packing machinery

An increasingly essential part of a manufacturer’s toolkit, case packing machinery is a device that constructs, packs, seals and stacks boxes or cases. Some machinery does one of these distinct actions, larger units have the capacity and capability of managing the entire process without human intervention.

What industries use case packing machinery?

This type of machinery is fundamental in most manufacturing settings, but we find that they’re popular with food and drink manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

Why use case packing machinery?

We’ve talked before about the three levels of packaging – primary, secondary and tertiary. From protecting the contents, to making transportation and storage easier, packaging performs several functions and needs to be done carefully as it’s handling the manufactured items at their most vulnerable.

Human hands at this stage of the process can introduce contaminants, can make mistakes and will be much slower than a machine performing the same function. However, with cobots (collaborative robots), the two can work together, or a machine can take over the process completely.

Case packing manufacturers

Here at Pharma Machinery, we offer machinery from end-of-line technology manufacturer FuturaPack, part of Gampack Group.

From case packers to pick and place robots, Gampack Group and its subsidiary, FuturaPack, provide complete systems for secondary packaging and end-of-line automation. They offer a wide range that can function as a standalone unit or work with other systems. Their options include:

  • box packing machines with flat blanks
  • Vertical case packers with 
  • Wrap-around vertical case packers
  • Horizontal box packing machines
  • case-packing line with high-speed robots
  • Integrated case packing and palletising systems

We have been working closely with FuturaPack on a large project with multimachines for a full end-of-line solution.

How to choose which case packing machine your facility needs

Choosing which case packer will work for you depends on where the sticking points are in your process, and where your line will see the most benefit – and therefore return on investment for you as a company.

There’s no doubt that any kind of case packing solution will make an instant improvement to your end-of-line process, and it can help just one step in the process, or multiple steps. 

To make the best choice in machinery, speak to an independent professional. If you are considering case packing machinery, give Pharma Machinery a call for free advice. We can talk you through your options and help you decide what works best for your product type, shape and size, your available space, and budget.