Robotic Microdosing Is Delivered For Pharma

Romaco Macofar’s MicroRobot 50 is a robotic microdosing machine that is specially designed for filling potent and cytostatic medicines which are often used for treating cancer and auto-immune diseases. The technology is particularly suited for dosing sticky or hygroscopic pharmaceutical powders with irregular shapes. During the production process, three anthropomorphic robots transport the vials under an isolator to the dosing, stoppering, and capping stations. Since the robots work independently of specific formats, the product change times are significantly shorter. The servo-driven transfer system generally reduces the concentration of particles in critical areas and with it the risk of contamination. And thanks to the clearly structured system concept, the MicroRobot 50 is readily accessible and easy to clean as the robotic grippers can be equipped with cleaning guns in order to validate the cleaning processes. The Macofar MicroRobot 50 achieves a maximum output of 50 vials per minute including one-hundred-percent in-process weight control, in other words each vial is individually weighed both before and after filling. If necessary, the filling volume is adjusted automatically. Numerous control systems ensure a reliable process and a very low waste rate with high-priced medicines. For instance, if a stopper is missing. The filled vial is fed back to the station in question, where the process is repeated. This same process also applies to missing caps. This ultra-compact machines is less than four metres long.
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Romaco leverages pharmaceutical expertise for non-pharma applications

Romaco Group is a leading global manufacturer of packaging and processing technology. They specialise in developing intelligent system solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. However, with a portfolio that includes granulating and coating machines, tablet presses and liquid and powder filling machines, it’s clear to see that the food and industrial applications extend far and wide. […]

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Blister packers meet the needs of contract packers, Wasdell Packaging

Contract packer Wasdell Packaging has installed a further four Romaco 760 blister packaging machines from UK agent Pharma Machinery. The equipment has been installed at Wasdell’s new production facility in Swindon and replaces existing machines as well as expanding its overall blistering capabilities. The company services the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and now boasts six dedicated blister lines that are all contained within separate ISP 8/Class D specification production suites. Romaco offer the best solution “I have used Romaco machines for as long as I can remember and the reason for this is simple, the level of service, quality and flexibility of their machines allows us to offer the same to our customers,” explains Martin Tedham, managing director of Wasdell. “Two of the machines have replaced older 760’s that we have had for many years where as the other two are to enable us to meet the demand we are receiving for contact blistering services.” All four of the machines incorporate the latest in Laetus visual detection systems; thermo-form and cold-form capabilities as well as being able to use a wide range of different blistering materials. Pharma Machinery has supported Wasdell by project managing the installations and commissioning of the equipment with its UK-based support personnel. “The new range of 760 machines has been improved to offer better operation and GMP,”explains David Renninson, sales manager at Pharma Machinery. “Existing format tooling can still be used on the new equipment which gives the same flexibility to production planners,” he says. Renninson…
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New blister packing line offers high speed in a compact space

A carbon neutral version of the Unity 600 blister line can be supplied and Gold Standard certified machines can bear a special ‘Carbon Neutral’ label. The new Romaco Noack Unity 600 blister packaging line is a monobloc transfer solution that was specifically designed for blister formats arranged crosswise to the running direction and is now available from Pharma Machinery to customers in the UK. With a maximum output of 600 blisters and 400 cartons per minute, the Unity 600 is a high-speed machine for medium to large batch sizes. It is an ultra-compact line that delivers a very small footprint, which is especially beneficial in the cleanroom for primary packaging operations. The modular system concept consists of a blister machine with rotary sealing and a continuous motion cartoner. If required, the new machine can be combined with different cartoners, track and trace systems and final packaging solutions from Romaco. Delivering Flexibility The Premium line of the Noack 950 product family can be configured with various feeding united and has been designed with flexibility in mind. Reproducible parameters, lightweight format parts and simple settings speed up format and product changes. Excellent OEE values, low running costs and a wide range of applications are further benefits, says Romaco. This easy-to-operate machine also ships with RFID-assisted user identification. Maintenance and calibration planning for the blister packaging line are simplified be a service display in the HMI which provides an automatic reminder of the next inspection. Furthermore, Romaco’s Remote Assist service package ensures support…
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Romaco Launches New Macofar E Series

For years, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for liquids, sterile powdered and granules. The manufacturer strives to be at the forefront of advanced machine technology. However, they also recognise that, in order to meet customers exacting requirements, their solutions need to be incredibly flexible to fit the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The Romaco Macofar E Series Machinery is designed for filling various liquids into glass or plastic containers. There are four models within the series; Romaco Macofar E MVF Liquid Filler Series Romaco Macofar E MVF is a new series designed to fill and stopper glass vials under sterile conditions. Machines are designed for isolation technology but can also be supplied as oRABS or cRABS based on customer’s containment requirements. Romaco Macofar E MVF machines are equipped with loading cells for 100% Weight Control. MVF machines’ liquid filling unit can be customized according to customer’s requests and product’s features with rotary piston pumps or peristaltic pumps, always granting high filling accuracy. In order to reduce customer’s cleanroom occupation, machines can be equipped with an embedded crimping station, separated from the process area and within a controlled grade A environment. Romaco Macofar E MEW Rotary Washer Series Romaco Macofar E MEW External Rotary Washer Series is designed to wash and dry capped vials. The machine is designed for isolation technology but can also be supplied as oRABS or cRABS based on customer’s containment requirements. The decontamination chamber of the MEW External…