Robotic Microdosing Is Delivered For Pharma

Romaco Macofar’s MicroRobot 50 is a robotic microdosing machine that is specially designed for filling potent and cytostatic medicines which are often used for treating cancer and auto-immune diseases. The technology is particularly suited for dosing sticky or hygroscopic pharmaceutical powders with irregular shapes. During the production process, three anthropomorphic robots transport the vials under an isolator to the dosing, stoppering, and capping stations. Since the robots work independently of specific formats, the product change times are significantly shorter. The servo-driven transfer system generally reduces the concentration of particles in critical areas and with it the risk of contamination. And thanks to the clearly structured system concept, the MicroRobot 50 is readily accessible and easy to clean as the robotic grippers can be equipped with cleaning guns in order to validate the cleaning processes. The Macofar MicroRobot 50 achieves a maximum output of 50 vials per minute including one-hundred-percent in-process weight control, in other words each vial is individually weighed both before and after filling. If necessary, the filling volume is adjusted automatically. Numerous control systems ensure a reliable process and a very low waste rate with high-priced medicines. For instance, if a stopper is missing. The filled vial is fed back to the station in question, where the process is repeated. This same process also applies to missing caps. This ultra-compact machines is less than four metres long.