Industry Materials

Romaco Group is a leading global manufacturer of packaging and processing technology. They specialise in developing intelligent system solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

However, with a portfolio that includes granulating and coating machines, tablet presses and liquid and powder filling machines, it’s clear to see that the food and industrial applications extend far and wide.

The Romaco Kilian enjoys a global reputation as a supplier of super-efficient and user-friendly tableting machines. Kilan boasts a range of machines for non-pharma, industrial and food tableting solutions.

E150 Plus

The E150 tablet press is available in two configurations, it is the perfect solution for the industrial and food markets. It combines low operating costs with excellent tablet quality.

S 250 B/BL

The Romaco Kilian S 250 B/BL Series is the ideal machine for mid-size volume food. It is a reliable and robust rotary tablet press developed for food applications where high volume filling is required as well as for products with poor flowability. The press

is optimised to handle sticky products. It is designed for continuous production in extreme production environments even without any climate control in the production area.


The Romaco Kilian RX is a reliable and globally established, double-sided rotary tablet press for industrial and technical tableting applications. The RX can be configured as a mono-layer or bi-layer machine. It has a multitude of applications for the food industry such as, sweeteners, sugar, dextrose, fructose, food tablets.

KTS 1000

The Kilian KTS is suitable for pressing various table forms. With robust design and high reliability for processing hard-to-handle products such as stock cubes and detergent tablets. The Kilian is a highly adaptive machine that allows for efficient compression. Offering single, double or triple-layer tablets, as well as core tablets (Tab-inTab).