Industry Materials

For years, Romaco Macofar has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a global supplier of filling solutions for liquids, sterile powdered and granules. The manufacturer strives to be at the forefront of advanced machine technology. However, they also recognise that, in order to meet customers exacting requirements, their solutions need to be incredibly flexible to fit the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Romaco Macofar E Series Machinery is designed for filling various liquids into glass or plastic containers.

There are four models within the series;

Romaco Macofar E MVF Liquid Filler Series

Romaco Macofar E MVF is a new series designed to fill and stopper glass vials under sterile conditions. Machines are designed for isolation technology but can also be supplied as oRABS or cRABS based on customer’s containment requirements. Romaco Macofar E MVF machines are equipped with loading cells for 100% Weight Control.

MVF machines’ liquid filling unit can be customized according to customer’s requests and product’s features with rotary piston pumps or peristaltic pumps, always granting high filling accuracy. In order to reduce customer’s cleanroom occupation, machines can be equipped with an embedded crimping station, separated from the process area and within a controlled grade A environment.

Romaco Macofar E MEW Rotary Washer Series

Romaco Macofar E MEW External Rotary Washer Series is designed to wash and dry capped vials. The machine is designed for isolation technology but can also be supplied as oRABS or cRABS based on customer’s containment requirements. The decontamination chamber of the MEW External Rotary Washer is com- plete of two stations for vials’ washing by means of water and two drying stations using air to eliminate water from washed vials. MEW can also be used as a mouse- hole in terms of pressure cascade for Isolation Technology applications.

Romaco Macofar E MRW Rotary Washer Series

Romaco Macofar E MRW Rotary Washer Series is a new series of servo-controlled washing machines for glass containers. This machines’ series have the purpose of washing the vials from particles, chemicals and microbial contaminations before entering the depyrogenation tunnel. MRW machines can be equipped with a pre- washing ultrasonic unit (USS).

Depending on this first unit the machine can be equipped with two different feeding systems: AISI 316 conveyor belt (with USS) or rotating table (without USS). Both feeding systems smoothly arrange the vials in a single row by a dedicated screw, then convey them to the grippers of the rotary drum.

Containers are transported via grippers holding the glass containers by the neck; once the containers are turned upside down, the machine proceeds with the washing steps. The whole process includes several washing steps, both internal and external, by means of air, purified water and WFI as per customers’ requirements. Drying with filtered air and final rotation are the last process steps to prepare the vials for depyrogenation.

Romaco Macofar E MDT Depyrogenation Tunnel Series

Romaco Macofar E MDT Depyrogenation Tunnel Series is designed to sterilize and depyrogenate glass containers by means of Dry Heat Technique. The standard thermal cycle is designed to ensure a pyrogens’ reduction of 3 Log as an equivalent 15 minutes time at constant 250 °C temperature but can be adapted to 6 log pyrogens’ reduction according to customer’s requirements.

Containers are heated, depyrogenated and cooled by means of a controlled process in order to avoid thermal shocks; temperature of vials at exit does not exceed 30 °C.
The special flow of the hot air, together with the last frontier’s materials used, grant up to a 30% energy saving compared to traditional tunnels.