There are two distinct types of cartoners; horizontal and vertical cartoning machines. But the principles remain the same. Most of these packaging machines will take a carton blank board, construct and then fill with a product, or a number of items before applying adhesive and completely sealing the carton.

A horizontal cartoning machine will fulfill the carton from the side before closing by tucking the end flaps of a carton, The product might be pushed into the carton either through the mechanical sleeve, with pressurized air or inserted manually.  Whereas, a vertical cartoning machine will fulfill the cartons from above.

The flexible cartoning and tertiary packaging solutions are suited to the packing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food stuffs, nutraceuticals, healthcare, medical and industrial products.

Romaco Promatic machine

Creative cartoning solutions

Our suppliers of cartoning equipment include the following solutions.

  • Packaging in folded boxes
  • Various designs and materials
  • Handling of various box formats
  • Press locks and glue locks
  • Ink-Jet coding, colour stamping, laser engraving or vignette