A tablet coating machine applies a thin layer of material to the external surface of a tablet. The coating is a solution that is applied to a group of tablets at the same time on a moving bed to ensure even coverage.

There are several reasons why this is used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including:

  • to provide stability and protection for the tablet or pellet – both physical and chemical – a light, moisture and gas barrier
  • to mask the taste, odour or colour of the drug
  • to improve palatability by making the surface smoother, making it easier to swallow
  • for containment of the drug when being handled
  • to control the release of the drug when ingested
  • to improve the appearance of the drug

Perforated pan tablet coating machine

There are different types of tablet or pellet coating machine. At Pharma Machinery, we have the perforated pan style, which is the most used worldwide in the industry with its versatile coating capability, rapid coating and drying times, and efficiency.

The tablets are placed in a sealed rotating drum and then sprayed automatically for even coating. Polymer film or sugar coatings are common, or other drugs can be incorporated to prevent chemical incompatibility.

Air is introduced to the drum to help the coating dry rapidly – this can be configured with a perforated pan machine. Depending on the composition, a solvent can be used to aid in the coating process, which then evaporates and is removed by heated air. By grouping the tablets, batches are easily identifiable.

Pharma tablet coating

Benefits of a Romaco tablet coating machine

Romaco offers a range of machinery that can coat tablets.

  • Different models for different volume requirements
  • Drum sizes from laboratory up to industrial batch sizes
  • Complete automatic control of the whole coating process
  • Turnkey installation service
  • Modular architecture permits customised solutions