Leading International Supplier of Tablet Press Machines

Romaco Kilian is state of the art high speed table pressing technology. The machines have been designed to meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The versatility of these tablet press machines means they can meet various needs. As well as being a robust, reliable tablet press, offering state-of-the-art performance for heavy-duty tableting applications. The Kilian offers a solution to decreasing batch sizes, frequent product changes and increasing cost pressure.

With the Romaco Kilian technology, companies can benefit from the excellent productivity, great flexibility and high plant availability.

Romaco Killian detail
Romaco Killian detail

Highlights of the Kilian Tablet Press Machine

There are 13 machines within the Kilian Series, here are the main features of the machines

  • High-speed tablet presses operated by a high-end turret
  • High-performance tablet press machines with an integrated wetting system
  • Standard turret tablet presses, mainly for contract production
  • Single-stroke laboratory tablet press machines for R&D and scale-up applications
  • Cost-efficient solution