Integrated solutions for the packaging of sachets. Packaging machines and complete lines.

OMAG manufacture automatic machines for packaging products of different types, in bags sealed on 3 or 4 sides, strips, doy-pack style bags, stand-ups and also shaped or pre-formed bags.

The C3 is a vertical packaging machine with continuous movements for the packaging of a wide range of products in heat-sealed bags on all four sides. The alternative CP vertical machine has intermittent movements. Both solutions are suitable for solid, dusty, granular and liquids, so therefore can be used in a variety of product markets.

The CO is a horizontal packaging machine and is an intermittent movement machine for packaging solid, dusty, granular, liquid and viscous products in heat-sealed bags on 3 and 4 sides, also in the DOY-PACK and STAND-UP versions, for the pharmaceutical sector, cosmetic, chemical and food.

OMAG Machine in action
OMAG Sachets

Features of the OMAG Sachet Machinery

  • Sachet Continuous/Intermittent motion
  • Multiple dosing systems
  • Auger dosing systems
  • Volumetric dosing systems
  • Liquid/ paste dosing systems
  • Doy packs and stand ups