Beyond Technology

Romaco manufactures and distributes processing and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, healthcare, veterinary, food and chemical, and cosmetics industries.

The manufacturer recognises the dynamic nature of the markets in which we work. Customer’s decisions these days, are very much made under economic and time-related considerations.

There is an increasing demand and expectation for equipment to be highly flexible, quick and cost-optimised, while maintaining the highest standards.

“Our success is based on a vigorous focus on the added economic value of the customer. We achieve this by means of a command of diverse technologies and by combining them, together with the customer, into intelligent, synergic solutions and applications with the best price/performance ratio. We consider each project from the customer’s point of view as an independent business case. We invest significantly in the optimisation of our processes, according to lean management principles, and pursue industrial leadership in our operational performance while achieving the shortest delivery times.”


Romaco offers a number of processing and packaging solutions.

  • Tablet/capsule counting and filling
  • Tablet presses
  • Blister packaging
  • Sterile dosing and filling lines
  • Cartoning
  • Strip technologies
  • Diagnostics
  • Customised packaging and tube filling machines

The company also provides aseptic liquid filling, powder microdosing, liquid filling and closing, and uniject machines.


Romaco Kilian

Romaco Kilian is state of the art high speed table pressing technology.

Romaco Innojet

Romaco Innojet is an innovation leader for drying, granulation, and coating